Wrong region assigned to US Gateway

I have a v4 server install (4.0.5 I believe) that I am trying to get working with multiple regions.
The region sidebar in the main UI shows all of the supported regions - which includes the ones I want.

Currently - I’d just like to get EU868 and US915_1

When I add a gateway - since I don’t see an option to select the region, I assume it is determined automatically when the gateway connects.

Problem - both my EU868 and my US915_1 gateways are being classified as EU868.

The /etc/chirpstack/chirpstack.toml is the default abbreviated one - which has all of the regions enabled.

Do I need to specifically enable support for the regions I want to support in chirpstack.toml?

I glanced at the configuration example given here:


and it shows a chirpstack.toml file configured for EU868 only - which no guidance on how one is supposed to add sections for other regions.


Please see chirpstack/chirpstack/configuration at master · chirpstack/chirpstack · GitHub for a full list of example configurations.

In your case, I expect that the US915 gateway is forwarded to the EU868 MQTT topic prefix, or that you are not using the topic prefix and that EU868 and US915 gateway data is mixed on the same topics.