Your installation in images

it would be great to get users installation images or their gateways /nodes. enclosure, antennas, setup.
it would give ideas and best practices notes… error and possibly prevent design errors and pitfalls.
Get an general idea of node types /hardware for gateway used and so on.
here is mine;

and here is the “bigger” version :smiley:


Here my DIY outdoor installation package :

I have also done an PoE version : documentation and images available here :


I’d love to see @brocaar setup :slight_smile:

I’ll post an image in a couple of days, waiting for some new hardware :wink:


Here are some pictures of my installation. More info and pictures can be found at

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@lemonbuzz This is what I’m about to test :slight_smile: (16 channel gateway)


what about the nodes🤔

I’m using different types of devices for testing. This is part of my collection:

The Airspy is sometimes handy to find out if a gateway / device is sending anything (e.g. to debug issues where the receiver doesn’t receive anything).

This how my gateway (two accually, one 433MHz and one 868MHz) looks currently. The extreme weather in southern Sweden pushed the Raspbery PIs up above 80C. After wrapping it in aluminium foil as a temporary solution the temperature now hovers around 65C :slight_smile:

As a side-note, it’s less than 300m from your gateway @tsvehagen.