Arduino + Dragino Shield v1.4 in Chirpstack v4.0

Hi everybody. I have the Arduino + Dragino Shield v1.4 where send LoraWAN messages. This works well in Chirpstack v3.x but the new version cannot see any activity in “Events” but the “LoRaWAN Frames” can see “UncorfirmedDataUp”. Any suggestion for resolve this behaviour?


I had this issue when I had problems with my decoder, which resulted in the error that you mention in the other thread (Cannot see the decoder result in "Events"

To be more specific - the decoder was working in general, but when there was mesage without data (data: null) the decoder failed without showing an error in UI, but the chirpstack::api::internal: Reading event-log returned error: Cannot serialize NaN as google.protobuf.Value.number_value error appeared in journal and kept repeating in 1s intervals.

So I added a check which only started decoder if there was actual data:

// v3 to v4 compatibility wrapper
function decodeUplink(input) {
    // Check if bytes array is not empty:
    if ( input.bytes.length > 0 ) {	
        return { 
            data: Decode(input.fPort, input.bytes, input.variables)

Ok, I put your decoder and now I can see the “Events”.

Thank you so much.