Battery life, Service Profile settings, ADR, DR and SF

Batteries in my devices have all been expiring quicker than I’d expect, but I had no idea why.

I recently started working on a new device and noticed it would keep changing to Spread Factor 12. I then looked at all the existing devices and found they had all changed to Spread Factor 12.

Hunting around a bit more, I found you can edit the data rate (DR) for ADR enabled devices in the service profile by setting max and min DRs. I have never edited this before and have always left both values as their defaults of zero. When left at the default of zero, I am assuming this will make the devices transmit at SF12? If that’s the case, should the defaults be zero and five?

That will depend on your region. 0-5 is good for EU868, I would recommend 0-3 for US915.

Agree 0-5 makes sense for me. I was thinking the default values of 0 and 0 are inappropriate as defaults for everyone because it causes ADR to have the exact opposite effect of what is intended by pushing all devices to SF12. But I was forgetting the maximum is different for different regions, so I don’t know what the answer is.

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But some devices/nodes are not working if you set DR 5 (Dragino, as per explanation of the tech support “For Chirpstack you need to set the device from DR 5 to DR 0”). The same experience with RAK7402 node, I had to se it to DR 0.
Is it really problem on Chirpstack side? Has anybody the same experience?

ChirpStack works fine with EU868 devices using DR0 - DR5.

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Hi @brocaar, I believe you :slight_smile: … I made more exploration and found that problem is on GW side. On different GW RAK node started to operate with DR5 without problems.

Hi @brocaar I was too quick to be positive with DR 5, I end up with DR 0 anyway, see my another post with description Data from devices not populating