Change the publishing into MQTT Broker

Hello everyone!

I have LoRa sensors which send measures with Cayenne LPP format payload. My Gateway(LOrank8v1) catches these packets and converts them to UDP. In the gateway lora-gateway-bridge service converts the packets from UDP to TCP/MQTT.

Then the MQTT packets are published to the mosquitto MQTT broker in the cloud. Then i run lora-server and lora-app-server services in order to decrypt,decode and deduplicate the packets.

Then i publish the decrypted information to the MQTT broker again. Here is an example of a publication after all these operations: application/1/node/0000000000000000/rx {“applicationID”:“1”,“applicationName”:“T emperature-Humidity”,“deviceName”:“Temperature-Humidity”,“devEUI”:“0000000000000 000”,“rxInfo”:[{“mac”:“1dee18c14948a955”,“rssi”:-27,“loRaSNR”:9.5,“name”:“1dee18 c14948a955”,“latitude”:0,“longitude”:0,“altitude”:0}],“txInfo”:{“frequency”:8685 00000,“dataRate”:{“modulation”:“LORA”,“bandwidth”:125,“spreadFactor”:9},“adr”:fa lse,“codeRate”:“4/5”},“fCnt”:2,“fPort”:1,“data”:“AGcAxQFojA==”,“object”:{“temper atureSensor”:{“0”:19.7},“humiditySensor”:{“1”:70}}}

Now i want to use Fiware’s JSON/MQTT IOT agent to convert MQTT to NGSI in order to publish data to the Context Broker.

The data should be publised like this to be readable : $ mosquitto_pub -h $HOST_IOTAGENT_MQTT -u theUser -P thePassword -t /myapikey/mydevicemqtt/attrs -m ‘{ “t”: 19,7, “h”: 70}’

Should i make my own JSON parser and republish the data to another format into the MQTT Broker? How could i deal with this problem?

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