ChirpStack Join Server

I learned that ChirpStack App Server supports using separate/custom/external/centralized join server by pointing [join_server.default] in loraserver.toml to its IP address. I wonder if I can actually use the ChirpStack Application Server as my external join server. For example, I plan to install the network server and application server on the gateway, but separate out the join server and install it on one server instance and have multiple gateways point out to that server instance. I was thinking to reinstall the ChirpStack Application Server on that server instance but use it only as a join server. Is this possible? Like can I turn off the application server functionalities and keep only the join server functionalities in the ChirpStack Application Server?

If not, I also found this Go code:
Do you think I can run this as a standalone application?

Thank you in advance!

External join servers are possible and supported. We have not had a need for one yet, so I cannot speak to it personally. Here are a couple relevant links:

Thank you @bconway ! The links were helpful, however, my question was more about utilizing ChirpStack Application Server as a Join Server only that is installed outside of the gateway on a server. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about that?