Chirpstack OS package manager


I noticed in the Chirpstack OS that there is no package manager such as apt. Is it possible to install any tools I would like to from linux distributions?


ChirpStack Gateway OS is linux based OS, not full Linux.
GW OS haven’t own package repository.

It is a full linux, just as Linux from Scratch is :sweat_smile:
If you want to install a package that is not included you might need to build it yourself.

@brocaar is probably not hosting a package repository as it consumes a lot of bandwidth, time and keeps the variance between deployments lower. Images are “mostly immutable”


I understand this thing with immutability, however how am I going to deal with network issues or checking connections, now that I’m trying to get connected sensor devices?

I have the Agora Product Development Kit and I’m trying to break down the connections as I don’t have data yet to the chirspastack application server.

After installing the chirpstack OS in my raspberry, There’s seem to bee a connection between chirpstack OS and my host machine

mosquitto_1 | 1634404177: New connection from on port 1883.

I have configured the application server, however it seems not to show me an indication that the chirpstack OS is active.

Furthermore, In my agora development tookit and I need three parameters to configure for the LORA to get connected:

>    static uint8_t DEV_EUI[] = { chirpstackOS wifi MAC (I think) };
>     static uint8_t APP_EUI[] = { chirpstack Application Server(I Think) };
>     static uint8_t APP_KEY[] = { chirpstack Application Server (I Think) };

So in the chripstackOS I need tools for checking that I receive data.

Currently I don’t know what is wrong (Agora to Chirpstack OS, Chripstack Application Server). So having a package manager for installing different tools would be useful.

I’m not sure what sort of tools you are looking for in this case. E.g. tools like tcpdump and telnet are included.

However, it seems you are having issues receiving data from your devices. In that case I would:

  • Look at the Concentratord logs to check if your gateway is receiving data from your devices
  • Subscribe to the “gateway/#” topic to see if this data is published over MQTT
  • Check the ChirpStack Network Server logs for any errors
  • Check the ChirpStack Application Server logs for any errors

Even when the device hasn’t been properly configured within ChirpStack, data should appear on the frame logs page of the gateway (web-interface).

Connecting a gateway - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN<sup>®</sup> Network Server might be helpful as well.

Hi @brocaar, i was trying to set up my own Chirpstack LoRaWAN stack server and to connect a Gateway and an end device to it, using 2 lopy4 boards. I can see all docker containers running without errors and a Gateway up on application server UI, but looks like the end device is not talking with the Gateway. I’ve checked the log of all docker containers for errors, and don’t see any. Your suggestion to check Concentratord? could you advise where i can find it? or any suggestion on how to make it works?

Are you using the ChirpStack Gateway OS? As you are mentioning you are using Docker containers and the GW OS does not come with Docker, it is not clear to me how exactly your setup looks like.

i run a docker-compose.yml on ubuntu server as for your recommendation here: GitHub - brocaar/chirpstack-docker: Setup ChirpStack using Docker Compose. When everything is up and running I adding the Nano-GW configured on 868EU profile. iseems to be up I can see it visible on a dashboard. After that I’m adding an end-device with ABP joint request. Gateway keep printing: “Push ack”, “Pull ack” and UDP recv Exception: tmst" and a device keep sending data but I can’t see any of them on a dashboard or in nano-gateway log. I can share all micropython code on github if you can check it out?

I was asking because you posted this in a ChirpStack Gateway OS topic. This question should be asked in a different topic or if it doesn’t exist yet, please create a new one.

ok, sorry for offtopic. here is a new question: LoRa device data is not recieved by Gateway