Chirpstack OS package manager


I noticed in the Chirpstack OS that there is no package manager such as apt. Is it possible to install any tools I would like to from linux distributions?


ChirpStack Gateway OS is linux based OS, not full Linux.
GW OS haven’t own package repository.

It is a full linux, just as Linux from Scratch is :sweat_smile:
If you want to install a package that is not included you might need to build it yourself.

@brocaar is probably not hosting a package repository as it consumes a lot of bandwidth, time and keeps the variance between deployments lower. Images are “mostly immutable”


I understand this thing with immutability, however how am I going to deal with network issues or checking connections, now that I’m trying to get connected sensor devices?

I have the Agora Product Development Kit and I’m trying to break down the connections as I don’t have data yet to the chirspastack application server.

After installing the chirpstack OS in my raspberry, There’s seem to bee a connection between chirpstack OS and my host machine

mosquitto_1 | 1634404177: New connection from on port 1883.

I have configured the application server, however it seems not to show me an indication that the chirpstack OS is active.

Furthermore, In my agora development tookit and I need three parameters to configure for the LORA to get connected:

>    static uint8_t DEV_EUI[] = { chirpstackOS wifi MAC (I think) };
>     static uint8_t APP_EUI[] = { chirpstack Application Server(I Think) };
>     static uint8_t APP_KEY[] = { chirpstack Application Server (I Think) };

So in the chripstackOS I need tools for checking that I receive data.

Currently I don’t know what is wrong (Agora to Chirpstack OS, Chripstack Application Server). So having a package manager for installing different tools would be useful.