Downlink is not working

Hi everyone, I’m trying to figure out why downlink is not working:
attached lorawan frame and device frame after queing an unconfirmed downlink for my browan object locator in order to set in stationary mode an interval of 7200 secs.
I converted 01201C to ASAc, but it doesn’t change.

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Is your device really a class C device? It looks like a battery-powered device.

The Browan Object Locator is a battery-powered GNSS LoRaWAN tracking device. It’s intended to to be attached to a backpack or purse. Functionally the device is composed of a GNSS receiver, 3D accelerometer, an LED indicator and a USB-C connector.
I removed support Class C.
Below is what I get in the Device data Tab:

If it is not a class C device, then class C-styled (immediate) downlinks would not have worked. If you try sending commands now, I suppose it should work once it receives the downlink.

Do ensure that the port number is correct. In your earlier screenshot, you chose port 204. While the device used 136 for its uplink.

The image above is after removing the flag on support Device C. I don’t know if Ack false means that downlink failed.
I sent with the port 136,but in the documentation of the device is written 204 for downlink . I still see Ack false.

Below the txack data:

Did you really change the device back to class A? It shows “IMMEDIATELY” for the timing. A class A device is not always listening and so this will not work.

I am not sure what “txack” and “ack” mean in this view. If they are device events, perhaps it means
you issued a CONFIRMED DATA DOWN and the node did not respond.

This is my setup:

What esle could I check?

Have you re-activated the device? Switch to class-c in ABP

If you re-activate the device within the LNS, you should reset the device too (to get it to re-join, to synchronize the frame counter values).

I understand that under LNS I need to reactivate the device. My question is:why switch to class C in ABP mode? My device support OTAA

I linked to the other thread to highlight that you may need to re-activate the device after changing the device class. It has nothing to do with whether you use ABP or OTAA, although I believe there are less problems with using OTAA from a security standpoint.

I understand, thank you.
Anyway still is not working, after reboot.
I may try other devices or even a different gateway.
But I need to solve this problem, because it limit my work