Downlink with docker Chirpstack


I’m using the docker Chirpstack in 2 EC2 instances and a load balance to management. Uplink works fine, but downlink doesn`t work.
How to configure chirpstack to use 2 instances?

In each instance I’m using chirpstack docker compose, in other words, in each instance there are a gateway bridge, network server, application server and mosquitto.


See this thread for some ideas, or search the docs and forum:

Your current approach effectively puts a distributed system in a permanently partitioned state, which is likely not what you want.

Sorry, but I forgot to mention that the Postgres and Redis are in different locations, I using Amazon RDS to Postgres and ElastiCache to Redis. They are shared for both instances.

The split-brain behavior you are seeing is due to load balancing in front of two different MQTT servers. MQTT will either need to be shared between multiple ChirpStack instances, or you will need to implement a clustered MQTT solution.