Dragino Gateway LG01-N with ChirpStack

I am trying to connect the Dragino Gateway LG01-N to ChirpStack. I have setup the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge, Network Server and Application Server on Ubuntu 20.04.3 (Using Virtual Box). I have checked that the Gateway is working by connecting it to The Things Stack.
While trying to connect the Gateway to The Things Stack the Server Address (of The Things Stack Network Server) was available as an option in the Gateway configuration page. But for ChirpStack we have to enter it on our own. So, what exactly is the server address we are supposed to enter.
I have referred to the following discussion and tried the recommended solutions but for me it was not working do I need to take into consideration of some more things in order to connect the Gateway.
The following picture shows the Server Address section in Dragino LG01-N Gateway

Any kind of help is appreciated. Thank you

Hi ymp_11,

at “Server Address” field you need to fill in the ip-address where you have installed the chirpstack gateway bridge.

After that you have to open up port 1700 (tcp) using the following command in the terminal:

sudo ufw allow 1700/tcp

I hope that this helps.

Hi Khadar_Hassan,
Thank you for the reply but I am still unable to connect my gateway to the server

I used the ifconfig command to find the ip address of my ubuntu on VirtualBox i got this -
enp0s3: inet
lo: inet

Then i used the command to open the port 1700 (tcp) -

But still no connection happens.