Gateway compatibility


Can some one give me some gateway V2 part numbers / Mnfg compatible with LoRa Server ?
I would like to test LoRa Geo Server capability and I don’t know where and how to start.

Want is the procedure to get the key to decode fine timestamp ?


Nop Micro

You need to contact the gateway vendor to obtain the keys :slight_smile: One gateway which I have tested is the Kerlink iBTS, see also


I have in fact the iBTS AES keys provided by Kerlink.

Some more info on :

My concern is the following. I am not using the chirpstack-gateway-bridge.ipk module running into the iBTS, but the one premise on my server (in other words iBTS send data over UDP to the server).
Are both chirpstack-gateway-bridge software (the one for iBTS and the one on the server) identicals ?

Thanks for your support,