How I get geolocation data?

I want to know how geolocation it work and I don’t know how can I recive data back .

As a start, you need at least 3 geolocation capable gateways before geolocation is possible (gateways that support the fine-timestamp).

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which gateway support gelocation?

gateways with gps, of course. But not geolocation, fine timestamp support. If you mean endnodes geolocation via triangulation.

@brocaar: we have several cisco gateways with geolocation support. I would like to test the geolocation, but how or from whom do I get the finetimestamp decryption key? I was in contact with our supplier, but they could not really help. Also cisco could not help, which is really weird… Can you help, please?

It might be that these will be provided by Semtech, but I would hope that Cisco would be able to forward your request to the right person for this.