How to install NS on R-PI. Any SD images?

Hi There!
First of all sorry if Im asking something obvious but Im completly new to Chirpstack, but im 100% looking forward to have it working
My understanding is that I can use any commercial LoraWAN device in the market + commercial gateway (like Dragino LPS-8) and a Network Server on some laptop or computer.
Trying to find an option for NS, I though of a Rasp-PI for it. I guess I can install it all manually with docker, docker-composer, etc… from scratch, but I was trying to find a pre-made image, assuming that I’m not the first one doing this
I could not find an image for this but I found many other images for gateways and other derived options for Rasp-PI.
Am I looking at the wrong place, or isn’t there any pre-built image for Chirp-Stack for R-PI out there?

Thanks in advance!

I think you want

It can function as a gateway, standalone LNS, or both.

Ah ok, it looks like I read it too fast. I read something about gateway so I thought it would be only for that.
It looks like it is a multipurpose distribution that I can pick only the NS funcionality, right?


Also, now that it all clears up. Im looking for options to buy the board. I see there are images for all versiones of rasp-PI (2,3,4…). Prices for these boards increase as well along with versions.
Is it worth to get a RPI4B? Or will it work fast enough on al older version? What about RAM?
Can you suggest a reasonable r-pi version and ram size for a good testing board?

Thanks again!

I’m not an active user of Gateway OS, you may find value searching this forum for people’s experiences. Or maybe someone will chime in here.

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Just for testing a few devices a Pi 2 or Pi 3 should already do the trick :slight_smile:

Ok, before I got a reply I had to go ahead and bought a R-PI4, now Im having some issues changing the port from 8080 to another one but I opened a new thread about it if anyone can help


You may try to install nginx to listen on port 80 and proxy to port 8080.