How to send Messages via MQTT to a Broker (Server)?


can anyone please guide me, how I can achieve the following goal: Send messages from Chirpstack to a MQTT server (broker).

I found this answer in another topic:

You would need to create an integration (HTTP, MQTT, …) which is forwarding the data you want to track to your monitoring platform.
Monitoring Decices - #2 by brocaar

But unfortunately this is an answer like “you need bricks and wood to build a house”. Yeah, I know this, but such answers are completely useless - unfortunately. And therefore I have to create this thread.

All documentation I found is not compatible with v4. I assume they are writte for v3 or something else. The paths dont match, the filenames dont match, the content of files does not match… I have spend now my whole weekend with this, have broken my server countless times for such a simple task.

Maybe someone can help me. All I want is to send the decoded values of sensorXYZ to a MQTT broker.

PS: I am running Ubuntu 22.04.



Link: MQTT - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation

You have to connect with a MQTT client, following this v4 documentation, accessible from the homepage of Chirpstack.

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