IC880A Raspberry pi 4 concentratord failed

Im new to the Lora network and chirpstack.
I’am unable to start chirpstack-concentratord service on my gateway.
Im using a IC880A concentrator on a Raspberry pi 4 with gateway-os, i configured the concentrator with gateway-config to set reset_pin to 22.

My list of pins maping :

iC880a pin Description RPi physical pin
21 Supply 5V 2
22 GND 6
13 Reset 22
14 SPI CLK 23
15 MISO 21
16 MOSI 19
17 NSS 24

Debug cmd outputs:

root@raspberrypi4:/home/admin# cat /etc/default/chirpstack-concentratord
# reset the LoRa concentrator on Concentratord start
# reset pin
# power enable pin
# concentratord version

By the way i dont know what the power enable pin stands for ?

root@raspberrypi4:/home/admin# cat /etc/chirpstack-concentratord/sx1301/global.toml| grep model
# Gateway vendor / model.
# This configures various vendor and model specific settings like the min / max
# Gateway vendor / model flags.

When i try to run the chirpstack-concentratord manually it exists with following error

root@raspberrypi4:/home/admin# /usr/bin/chirpstack-concentratord-sx1301 -c /etc/chirpstack-concentratord/sx1301/global.toml -c /etc/chirpstack-concentratord/sx1301/band.toml -c /etc/chirpstack-concentratord/sx1301/channels.toml
thread 'main' panicked at 'called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: "lgw_start failed"', src/libcore/result.rs:1188:5
stack backtrace:
   0:   0x5cd520 - <unknown>
   1:   0x5e75b8 - <unknown>
   2:   0x5cb18c - <unknown>
   3:   0x5cf8b0 - <unknown>
   4:   0x5cf528 - <unknown>
   5:   0x5cff8c - <unknown>
   6:   0x5cfba4 - <unknown>
   7:   0x5e47b4 - <unknown>
   8:   0x5e48a0 - <unknown>
   9:   0x4c984c - <unknown>
  10:   0x4ac008 - <unknown>
  11:   0x5cfa20 - <unknown>
  12:   0x5d2da8 - <unknown>
  13:   0x5d03cc - <unknown>
  14:   0x4c9b54 - <unknown>
  15: 0xb6e68aec - __libc_start_main

Any ideas about this issue / missconfiguration ?

Hi, I did something similar. The only way I got it to work was using the short guide I posted here
Hope this helps!

Hello, thanks for the hint, it woked using the ttn-gateway and chirpstack gateway bridge to connect to the network-server on another physical server.
I received device data successfully on my application, but when i log lora frames in my device/gateway i have UnconfirmedDataUp any idea about this ?

If the device receiving the uplink is set up to not send any acknowledgement, it might be normal, but I am not sure. Did you check this topic and this one ?

Do you have the same behavior when using the TTN console (as a test) ?

Okey, so “Unconfirmed up data” its not an error but just a state (no ack set)
Im using LMIC library on my device node, i will check how to enable ack at least for uplink.
Thanks a lot for all your help, i really appreciate it ! :slight_smile:

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Hi, Yes, not an error.

UnconfirmedDataUp only means that device transmitting the uplink message (your LMIC node) does not require an acknowledge from network (server). Server can still try to send downlink message tho, if there is anything to send.

You can also use ConfirmedDataUp message type, but it is actually not recommended as best practise to ack every uplink message.

If in doubt, search the forum, there will be a lot of topics around this.