Issue with influxdb integration

I´m having a problem with the influxdb integration. I have followed this tutorial: (adapting it to the new version of App Server).

I can receive the data decoded and i have my influx database running and selected for using it, but when i introduce the command “show measurements” i am not able to see any table just a new empty line.

I´m using the 1.8.6 version just because it is more similiar to the 1.7.7 used in the tutorial. I´m also using the gateway os system in a raspberry pi 3B as a gateway.

Thanks a lot.

Have you checked the ChirpStack Application Server and / or InfluxDB server logs? That is usually a good start to troubleshoot issues :slight_smile:

Hi @Carlos1211 !! Did you solve your problem? I have the same problem as yours. My DB doesnt show anything when I type “show measurements” :confused:

I seem to have the same issue. data is receives, the codec works without error, but in the influxDB I cannot see any measurements. Is there an update to this topic ?

I have the same issue, is there an update?

Can you send perhaps some screenshots of your single steps and the console output so we can see better where the problem is? Especially the terminal commands started from “docker exec” until “show measurements” would be relevant.

You can use influxdb 2.x with Chirpstack docker and it will work, if you need support let me know.

Hi, if you don’t mind, i really appreciate your help on this one. im using influxdb 2.1.1 and chirpstack with docker. i get the uplink data in device data but i didn’t get anything on influxdb. It might be because of the codec doesn’t return the right type of variable or because i didn’t put the right thing for the influxdb2 integration.

Hi, please can you help me. I am trying to send data from Chirpstack to Influxdb 2.2. I can see data in Chirpstack DEVICE DATA ObjectJSON. I set the JSON codec for Influxdb according to youtube example: Setup Loraserver [4] - Get data with InfluxDB Integration - YouTube

I can send data into influxdb from command line.

Problem: I cannot see data from Chirpstack into Influxdb. I don’t know a way of monitoring what is coming out of Chirpstack.
How to see data sent out of chirpstack to influxdb?

I am using the chirpstack docker from:

Many thanks.

Have you seen this documentation?