Issue with influxdb integration

I´m having a problem with the influxdb integration. I have followed this tutorial: (adapting it to the new version of App Server).

I can receive the data decoded and i have my influx database running and selected for using it, but when i introduce the command “show measurements” i am not able to see any table just a new empty line.

I´m using the 1.8.6 version just because it is more similiar to the 1.7.7 used in the tutorial. I´m also using the gateway os system in a raspberry pi 3B as a gateway.

Thanks a lot.

Have you checked the ChirpStack Application Server and / or InfluxDB server logs? That is usually a good start to troubleshoot issues :slight_smile:

Hi @Carlos1211 !! Did you solve your problem? I have the same problem as yours. My DB doesnt show anything when I type “show measurements” :confused:

I seem to have the same issue. data is receives, the codec works without error, but in the influxDB I cannot see any measurements. Is there an update to this topic ?