LoRaWAN MQTT Broker / ChirpStack Configuration

Hello everyone,

I’m a student and I’m trying to set up a private LoRaWAN network on a raspberry pi running Debian bullseye as a communications class project. However, I think I might have taken on a project that is bigger than I originally thought.

For the gateway, I bought the RAK7268v2 which from what I understand, comes with the ChirpStack’s MQTT bridge preinstalled as long as you configure the host address (link)
This leaves me thinking that the only thing left for me to do is to install the Mosquitto MQTT broker so the ChirpStack can see and handle the traffic on the gateway.

The thing is, I’ve never taken a networking class before and I’m pretty lost as to how to best configure the JSON configuration file for the ChirpStack (chirpstack.toml). I used the US915 example configuration from GitHub (link) but I still cannot see the gateway traffic after registering it on the Chirpstack’s web-interface.
I’m unsure onto what $MQTT_BROKER_HOST is and what I should be replacing it with. I’m also wondering if I also need to setup instances of PostgreSQL and Redis on top of the Mosquitto MQTT broker?

Am I even on the right track? Any help guidance onto what I can do to fix my project is very appreciated.



Maybe this could help: