Migrating ChirpStack


I have running for almost 1.5 years a ChirpStack instance on a small VPS, with over 200 devices and gateways attached to it. The ma is Centos and I’m using the Docker installation.

However, I’m afraid that we need to migrate the service to another machine dedicated to it, since the machine where its hosted it’s a bit faulty at times.

Is there a way to properly export -or mirror-, my current ChirpStack installation in other machine? If we could get some sort of “load balancing” between the installations could be awesome but not mandatory.

Another issue with this migration thingy is that some of our earlier gateways were pointing to a static IP running ChirpStack… Atm I don’t know how to handle it. I was thinking of leaving some sort of listener script in the original server and re-routing that traffic the other machine, but don’t know to begin.

I’m not very familiar with Docker, so I’m open to any insight or recommendations on this issue.

Many thanks in advance.

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Have you seen Step by step CS databases backup and restore?

Migrate DB to new server - ChirpStack Application Server - ChirpStack Community Forum


Many thanks, I will follow them.