Monitoring Decices

Dear Chirpstack Community,

I have on occasion in the year, one or more devices witch deconect for diffrents reasons (low batteries…etc).
So, now, I would like monitor all my devices through a monitoring solution as centreon or PRTG.
The objective is to send alarm by email for to be reactive.
First question : Is it possible to recover via snmp or other protocol, the status of all my devices by chirpstack ?
Second question : If yes, how can I recover this status of my devices ?

I thank you in advance. I’m waiting for you.
Have a good day !


You would need to create an integration (HTTP, MQTT, …) which is forwarding the data you want to track to your monitoring platform.

Note that you can setup the device-status request interval in the service-profile, to get periodical battery and link status messages.

Hi Brocaar,

I thank you for your reply.
Yes, in the device status, I had set 48 for “device-status request frequency” and enable “Report device battery/link margin level to application-server”.

I would like to make a GET API for to get status of my devices.
I seen in the Dashboard Chirpstack the widget “Active Devices” witch is the interesting data for me.
Are we OKay about this idea ?
My objective is to get the status from my devices that we seen in the Dashboard. But, I don’t see in the chirpstack API this data.
Is it possible ?
If it’s not possible, where do you stock this data in the server or in the database from Chirpstack ?

I thank you again for your reply.

no, there are no methods to do that.

Thank you Eugenev for your reply.
Can you reply to my second message if you know ?
Thank you.

chirpstack has own different sql data bases for app server and network server. with own structure, access permitions etc. chirpstack use redis also. learn how to use and inspect them.