Multiple LoRa Application on one device

Hi all,
I have a LoRa device (STM32L0 B-l072Z-LRWAN1 with sx1276 radio driver) and I’ve been wondering if there is a chance to run two applications (with different app keys) on one LoRa device at the same time? Is that physically possible? Thanks in advance for any clues on the subject!

Sure, but you’ll need to put some thought into the software to give it two sufficiently distinct instances of key identity and state tracking variables, and of course they can’t both use the radio at the same time, though for appropriate uses that would rarely be a problem - just make sure that you finish any receive windows before the other application gets to transmit.

A perhaps simpler option would be to use the same applications but have two different types of payloads on two different ports. Then your uses have to either trust each other with common keys, or you need to come up with something server side to split the traffic by port to the appropriate consumers.