One physical device in multiple applications

Hi all, i want to have a setup with one (physical) device in multiple applications but it seems that this is not possible.

My use-case: I have several test/demo implementations which should use different appKeys.

For the devices in the (currently two) applications I use different device names but, of course, the same DevEUI which seems to be not allowed (object already exists (code: 6)). I already searched for a solution and found Multiple LoRa Application on one device but this does not cover the setup on the chirpstack.

So my question: Is it possible to setup the chirpstack to have multiple applications using the same physical device(s)? Only one application is used at a time (different firmware on the device).
Using different ports does not seem to be an option as i want to trigger different integrations for each application.
I am using the latest docker image.

No, this is not possible. A device (DevEUI) is expected to be globally unique and can only exist in a single application.