Pq password authentication failed


I am trying to setup a simple system on a Linuxmint PC and am getting the following error in the journal

error = “pq: password authentication failed for user “networkserver””

I setup the Chirpstack_ns user and tested it as per the configuration notes.

I then updated the chirpstack-network-server.toml file to match

user = “chirpstack_ns”
password = “dbpassword”
dbname = “chirpstack_ns”

and restarted the server but not change. Where does the user ‘networkserver’ come from?

Please compare installation steps you used with THESE by mobilefish dot com to configure ChirpStack under Ubuntu.

I did what he recommended verbatim (except I’m on US915 and some of my sensors require the ChirpStack network server to have 500kHz channels enabled - section 5.2.3 HERE ) and it worked the first time! He has a LOT of very informative LoRaWAN-related material that you simply MUST at least skim and be aware of. He’s saved me a lot of hassle!

Great thanks, I think I have managed to get the application and network server working, and am now trying to get the Mulitech GW to work. I think its now a config, addressing issue…