Relay functionalities issues

Hello everyone,

I work in a project thats explore relay functionalities and I got some little issues.

The first one is the relay message at port 226 after to be relayed. The meta data in ED page shows relayRXInfo attributes WorChannel, Dr and Frequency accordily as we hoped. However Snr value is not ok. It seems the snr value is not computed as defined in ts011 specification. As an example, I have a snr value of 8dB that was read from sx1262 . So I set the UplinkSNR field as 28(11100b) and the Chirpstack show the value as -4.

The second question is about ForwardListReq mac command. I didn’t undestant how this list should be set. Does this command available?


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Could you share which devices and gateway are you using for Relay functionality?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @datnus ,

The ED that i am calling “Ed relay ready” and Relay are under develop. I work on that right now.

The Gw is a picocell board. I believe these detailed informations are not important. The payload from relay is arriving to the ChirpStack server. Just the snr value seems wrong.

And about ForwardListReq is not clear how to send to check on my Relay device.

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Hello @Roberto_Gomes.

In the list of your devices you can select the devices by the checkboxes, so in the button “selected devices” on the right side you can assign this ED to a relay.

After that, the relay will receive the Join EUI and Dev EUI of the all ED that was chosen as a thursted ED trusted list and Join-Request list.

I just don’t know yet how I manage the Join-Request forwarding list, and how I create a rule with Join EUI/ Dev EUI groups.


Thank you @Anderson_Felipe_Wesc

Your comment was useful! I did not see that menu before. I believe that it is too hide.

Now I received the ForwardListReq Mac Command. But I cant able to choose the filter pattern as shown in TS011 Apendix 3. I would like define only JoinEUI of my devices to foward JoinRequests.

And about SNR in metadata? Can you check that?

This issue was a mistake when I have built the meta payload.

The server parser is working fine