Setting up Radioenge LoRaWAN Gateway

Quick information for Brazillian users (or nearby) who may find this gateway on the market.

Radioenge has developed a gateway for LoRaWAN applications (more info here: ) based on Raspberry Pi3. If you want to use it with ChirpStack infrastructure (I’m using GatewayOS 3.3.0-test5), you can set it up by using the preset RisingHF RHF0M301, which has a similar pin-out. It has been working fine on my setup.


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Hello rodrigo.rolle, excelent information! I’ll test it! Thanks!

2021 Update
I found out that RAK - RAK2246, AU915, Channels 8 - 15 + 65 is a better option. If you are using Raspberry Pi 3 and GatewayOS 3.3.3 or newer, check this post for fixing the “ConcentratorD does not exist” error: GPIO 7 reset pin busy - Raspberry Pi 3

Hey guys!
I’m having problems configuring the gateway based on Rasberry Pi3, I’ve already tried using the v3 image that radionge provides, now I’ve installed the latest version of Chirpstack gateway OS (4.3.2).

But it never finds the gateway (never seen), the configuration must be wrong, can anyone help? I’m a newbie.

Hello! Please check out this topic: GPIO 7 reset pin busy - Raspberry Pi 3 - #2 by rodrigo.rolle

I haven’t updated my gateway to v4 yet, so I can’t say whether this solution still applies. Anyway, it used to work in versions like v3.3 and v3.4 (don’t forget to download the GatewayOS full image).
Another hint: after loggin in to your Raspberry Pi, type:

sudo tail -f /var/log/messages | grep chirpstack-concentratord

If you are seeing periodic reboot messages from Concentratord, the solution I presented in the link above should solve your issues.

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