Setting up Radioenge LoRaWAN Gateway

Quick information for Brazillian users (or nearby) who may find this gateway on the market.

Radioenge has developed a gateway for LoRaWAN applications (more info here: ) based on Raspberry Pi3. If you want to use it with ChirpStack infrastructure (I’m using GatewayOS 3.3.0-test5), you can set it up by using the preset RisingHF RHF0M301, which has a similar pin-out. It has been working fine on my setup.


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Hello rodrigo.rolle, excelent information! I’ll test it! Thanks!

2021 Update
I found out that RAK - RAK2246, AU915, Channels 8 - 15 + 65 is a better option. If you are using Raspberry Pi 3 and GatewayOS 3.3.3 or newer, check this post for fixing the “ConcentratorD does not exist” error: GPIO 7 reset pin busy - Raspberry Pi 3