[SOLVED]Error installing the last version of "lora-app-server"

Hello !

Excuse me to disturb you, I tried yesterday (Wed 4 April) to upgrade my LoRa Server to the last version (on a Debian 9 VM); but, since then, when I look into lora-app-server log, I see this line.

level=fatal msg=“applying migrations error: pq: la classe d’opérateur « gin_trgm_ops » n’existe pas pour la méthode d’accès « gin » handling 0027_global_search.sql”

Here comes a screen capture from a restart of this morning.

Does it come from the new version ? What can I do to solve this problem ?
Thank you very much !

Best regards,

EDIT : Sorry, I have found the solution while looking into the changelogs of the last version, I didn’t change my PostgresQL settings.

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