Support for TDoA multiframe via COLLOS

I’ve updated my server and installed lora-geo-server (with Subscription keys from collos), along with it I’ve subscribed to Semtech LoRaWAN Localization in COLLOS (state is active now)

What to enter in the loraserver.toml, for the geolocation server ?
I’ve entered localhost:8005

Geolocation settings.

subscription_key=“b01a45c56s710f5b64f45a12b10c48f7d4” (example key)

Is there any way that we can use the v2 endpoint that utilizes Tdoa Multiframe from Semtech Localization Algorithms?

Now, how to get the device location, is there any third party application for the collos APIs, or is the loraserver have some feature for the purpose?

The multiframe has not (yet) been implemented. The location will be published to MQTT or via HTTP by LoRa App Server.

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As lora-geo-server is not sending any data to collos.

1)How to configure lora-geo-server to send data to collos?


2)This means i have to send data to collos, manually(by mqtt or http)?

How the LoRa Server & LoRa Geo Server communicates with the COLLOS ? and how can the App Server get the location as the LoRa Geo Server is not providing any data to LoRa Server?

Please provide the proper configuration solution for getting the location.

Thanking you in advance :slight_smile:

LoRa Server sends a geolocation request to LoRa Geo Server which responds with the location. LoRa Server initiates the call, but does wait for a response from LoRa Geo Server.


Hii @brocaar @Yash_Pahwa

i have created Collas account and subscribe 1 Semtech LoRaWAN Localization and subscriptions was active now i am seen 2 api keys Primary key and Secondary key

  # Collos subscription key.
  # This key can be retrieved after creating a Collos account at:

which key use to Configuration Lora Geo Server?
how can we get device location?

Thank you

please help me…!

I think it doesn’t matter. You can use either the primary or secondary.

but we cannot get any device location

any documentation related geo gRPC api call using c#?

You should check the loraserver logs with debug messages “ON”, there you will find about the API calls for the Lora-geo-server.
Share the log details, it helps a lot in debugging the issues.

Hii @Yash_Pahwa,

i got debug log of lora-geo-server

loraserver log

Thank you

You should make the log at the time, device is communicating with the server. there you will find the API calss for the location resolutions.

Thanks @Yash_Pahwa

check below logs

currently we have only 1 gateway so it’s skipping geolocation meta-data
how many gateway we need for geolocation data?

Thank you

A Minimum of 3 gateways are required for the same (as per my knowledge)

That is correct, you will need at least 3 gateways. Also make sure that you need gateways that provide an accurate timestamp / geolocation capabilities (e.g. Kerlink iBTS

Hi @brocaar!

It would be great if you could elaborate upon what exactly is a FineTimeStamp?

And in what format does the LoRa Server receive it and later on forwards it to LoRa Geo Server?

Thank you!

It is an accurate RX timestamp which can be used for triangulation. In general, this is implemented by “v2 gateways” like the Kerlink iBTS (which has a FPGA doing the timestamping). The timestamp of a “regular” gateway is not accurate enough for triangulation.

Hello @brocaar, thank you so much for such a quick reply!

Currently, I don’t have Kerlink iBTS gateway but I’m using iC880A.

Could you kindly share Kerlink iBTS uplink frame, so that we can differentiate between both v1 and v2 gateways uplink frames (TimeStamp and FineTimeStamp) ?

Thank you!

It has an etime field (which contains an AES encrypted timestamp), see also:

Thanks for answering my queries @brocaar!