UG 65 downlink/uplink issue

Can some one help me fix this issue

  1. Click on Device > LoRaWAN Frames to see if there are Join Accept packets.

  2. Login via UART cable or BLE into the Dragino RS485-LB/LS to see what is the frequency to send uplink.
    What is the value?

  3. By default, you need to set up AT+COMMAND to read the data from RS485.
    Else, not much things to send via uplink periodically.

  4. Upload the log of AT+CFG here.
    Some of the AT commands below.
    You can see more in Dragino page.

Should be a duplicated post with this post Chirpstack-Ug65 Milesight- Dragino rs485 LB/LS Uplink issue

2024-07-05T08:16:49.491546Z INFO up{deduplication_id=1660ec8e-4a3b-49ba-bae3-ad096d7344a9}:join_request{dev_eui=“a84041f9118853b9”}:join_accept{downlink_id=1111387215}: chirpstack::storage::downlink_frame: Downlink-frame saved downlink_id=1111387215
2024-07-05T08:16:49.491631Z INFO up{deduplication_id=1660ec8e-4a3b-49ba-bae3-ad096d7344a9}:join_request{dev_eui=“a84041f9118853b9”}:join_accept{downlink_id=1111387215}: chirpstack::gateway::backend::mqtt: Sending downlink frame region_id=in865 gateway_id=24e124fffef8b9ae topic=in865/gateway/24e124fffef8b9ae/command/down json=false

In the Lora frame of the device I see
Details: 2024-07-05 14:09:40


    • :arrow_forward:

phy_payload:{} 3 keys
* :arrow_forward:

mhdr:{} 2 keys
* m_type:“JoinRequest”
* major:“LoRaWANR1”
* :arrow_forward:

mic: 4 items
* 0:234
* 1:178
* 2:95
* 3:32
* :arrow_forward:

payload:{} 3 keys
* dev_eui:“a840413c81864408”
* dev_nonce:23418
* join_eui:“a840410000000101”

  • :arrow_forward:

rx_info: 1 item
* :arrow_forward:

0:{} 13 keys
* channel:3
* context:“Id1teQ==”
* crcStatus:“CRC_OK”
* gatewayId:“24e124fffef8b9ae”
* gwTime:“2024-07-05T08:39:40.457411+00:00”
* location:{} 0 keys
* :arrow_forward:

metadata:{} 2 keys
* region_common_name:“IN865”
* region_config_id:“in865”
* nsTime:“2024-07-05T08:39:40.677227899+00:00”
* rfChain:1
* rssi:-35
* snr:9
* timeSinceGpsEpoch:“1404203998.457s”
* uplinkId:56329

  • :arrow_forward:

tx_info:{} 2 keys
* frequency:865985000
* :arrow_forward:

modulation:{} 1 key
* :arrow_forward:

lora:{} 3 keys
* bandwidth:125000
* codeRate:“CR_4_5”
* spreadingFactor:12

cannot see join accept and it still shows only “join” in events

Do point 2, 3 and 4 to prove you are using IN865 for your Dragino node.
Either by UART cable or BLE connection.

BLE connection

UART connection

Are you using ChirpStack only or with other stuff like Helium?

Do you have any firewall between gateway and Chirpstack?

I am using only Chirpstack a=no firewall its all opened

Show me the screenshots of Device Profile of the device.

A stupid question.
Did you key in the correct AppKey in Chirpstack?

It MUST match the AppKey in the device.

I have put some Troubleshooting guide for LoRaWAN.
Hope it helps.

I have checked the key many times its all correct.

Show the label on the device box.
And the key in ChirpStack.
(You can hide some characters in the between for secrecy).

Should be minor issue. But this should be.

I have also set the region parameter as you said

In the server side I see this and still there is no join-request or accept just join

  1. You use BLE connection from your phone to see what region the node is actually using.
    Check the manual of the node.

I saw join_accept in your log.
Likely your gateway and/or node are not using IN865 so the node does not receive it.

  1. You may test with a working LoRaWAN Cloud to confirm the gateway and node are working correctly.

Hi I did checked it from the ble its the same keys … I do not understand how to solve this issue.
It works in milesight cloud but not in chirpstack

I am using chirpstack docker do i need to edit the gateway bridge .toml
Its like this in there

See Configuration - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN<sup>®</sup> Network Server for a full

configuration example and documentation.


Any one who has setup the UG-65 with chirpstak ??