Unable to start Multitech gateway bridge

Hi you all,
I’ve been trying to install ChirpStack the last few days. I have acomplished to launch the Application Server:

But the problem is that im not able to start the gateway bridge in my Multitech Gateway(outdoor ip 67). When I start the process it says that “Starting chirpstack-gateway-bridge” but when I stop it, it says the following “start-stop-daemon: failled to kill xxxx: No such process”.

Does someone face this problem?

Thank you so much in advice.


May you please provide the exact model of Multitech gateway you are using, which firmware version you are running and the chirpstack gateway bridge that you are using. In addition to that, what’s the process that you have followed to install gateway bridge on your gateway.

What’s the log that the daemon is throwing? it’s just that message?

Hi @sophiekovalevsky
First of all thank you for your response.

When the chirpstack-gateway-bridge is initialized it simply does not create the process. That is why it gives the error that says that the process does not exist when I try to stop the chirpstack-gateway-bridge.

Thank you so much in advice.

After changing some parameters on chirpstack-gateway-bridge.toml now I can see that I’m receiving some data through the gateway.

But instead, I see the following error in the device section:


Thank you so much in advice!!

It looks like you have found the solution. :smiley:

I’ve been able to make it work, yes. But I dont know where does the socket error come from. Any idea?
I’m new to chirpstack and I’m a little lost. The problem is that it does not always show the error. Now it seems that I receive packages.

Can I assume that this is okay? :sweat_smile:

Thank you so much!

What socket error are you referring to?
Probably something that you can do at this stage is to read the official documentation to get familiar with all the components.

Hi sophiekovalevsky,
Im referring to the error in the following quote:

Hi ierana,

I am installing ChirpStack Server on my Multitech Base Station and I don’t know how to run the ChirpStack application’s web page. The IP address of my gateway is, then I put the port 8080 after the IP address but an error given.

Could you please show me how I can install ChirpStack application on your gateway? My mLinux version is 5.1.8.

Thank you,
Le Vu