Will chripstack network server for comercial use can run in docker?

Hi, I’m John,

I’m in the development of commercial Lorawan products. For my project, can I use the docker to install the network server and integrate it with my application server? If not possible kindly suggest me the best and easy way.

Clients: 5 clients
Nodes: 100nodes
Gateway: 12Gateways

(One node will send one data per day)

These are my project details.

This may be relevant:

I’m not finding the solutions. Can any one support me

It depends what you mean with “application server”. Many clients are using ChirpStack as their LoRaWAN “engine”, and integrate this with their own “application servers”. They clients can login into their platform, add devices (which under the hoods will get added to ChirpStack) and see the data coming in.

I’m planning to use data cake as my application server. To run my network server I’m planning to use docker. Will it work for me.