Join-Request with no Join-Accept

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I have Chirpstack up and running on a Raspberrypi and was able to connect my Multitech Conduit-AP gateway. Now I’m trying to connect end devices but they can’t seem to join. I followed this guide: Connecting a device - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN<sup>®</sup> Network Server. I get a JoinRequest but there is no response. The guide referenced the Device data tab I assume this is the events tab under device where no data is displayed. The requests can be found under the LoRaWAN frames in the device section and the gateway section. I tried to let the device join using OTAA. I did this by setting the LoRaWAN version to 1.0.3 found on the website of the device producer. Set the device EUI and this matches the EUI used in the Join-Requests. I didn’t touch OTAA keys since if I understand correctly this is only applicable for version 1.0.0 and my devices use 1.0.3. The devices I used are the Dragino LoRaWAN Temperature Transmitter: LTC2-SI and the Dragino LoRaWAN RS485 converter: RS485-BL.

device info:RS485-BL -- LoRaWAN RS485/UART Converter -- WaterProof Battery Powered

I tried restarting the gateway, server and gateway bridge. Tried joining with two different devices. Screenshots provided with the information I have.

I am not sure what steps I can take to troubleshoot the problem and couldn’t find a solution in other topics on the forum. If anyone knows what steps I could take to troubleshoot the problem or link me to documentation that might help.

device events:

gateway/LoRaWAN frames:

JoinRequest frame:

I found out how to check the chirpstack logs and found this:
Nov 18 13:36:36 raspberrypi chirpstack[1129]: 2022-11-18T13:36:36.808096Z INFO chirpstack::gateway::backend::mqtt: Message received from gateway region_name=“eu868” topic=“eu868/gateway/0080000000021ed9/event/up” qos=0 json=false
Nov 18 13:36:37 raspberrypi chirpstack[1129]: 2022-11-18T13:36:37.012332Z INFO up{deduplication_id=6a82426f-839b-4d99-89c4-32f49a1f06e1}: chirpstack::uplink: Uplink received m_type=“JoinRequest”
Nov 18 13:36:37 raspberrypi chirpstack[1129]: 2022-11-18T13:36:37.027710Z ERROR up{deduplication_id=6a82426f-839b-4d99-89c4-32f49a1f06e1}: chirpstack::uplink::join: Handle join-request error error=Object does not exist (id: a840417351851d4e)

Handle join-request error error=Object does not exist (id: a840417351851d4e) for both devices does anyone know what this might point to?

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My Dragino RS485-BL works ok with Dragino LPS8 gateway and ChirpStack v3 and v4.

You may need to doublecheck the frequency in gateway and node.

I solved the problem there was a problem with the app key after some contact with dragino I got the device to join. thank you for your help

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Hi mverrijzer,

I might have the same problem as you.
Can you be more especific about you contact with dragino please?
Also, how can I see chirpstack logs?

Dragino instructed me on how I could access the appkey data through AT commands. I double checked if the appkey they provided was correct. I used “joirnalctl -u chirpstack -f” to view what was going on.

Could you provide me with some more information about your problem? How did you connect your device using the appkey?